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how to log this workout

help?  I did a 21-15-9 for two movements, rested 2 minutes, did another 21-15-9, rested 2 minutes and did a third 21-15-9.

i am not able to figure out how to build this/record this correctly...any help would be appreciated.

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My application is on norwegian, so I might have the wrong terms, but you can do it this way:

New workout - Multiple exercises and result is for time. I would then go for the "green" set up for the workout named "For time". Then I would put in the exercises. In one round you have to put in 21 exercise A, 21 exercise  B, 15 exercise A, 15 exercise B etc. Two minutes rest, then 21 exercise C, 21 exercise D etc.

Takes a while, but should be correct I think.

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