Earned Series challenges are unique challenges that allow participants to earn a t-shirt that matches the level of their performance. Participants will sign-up, perform the workout(s), and attach a video for each performance. EVERY video will be judged by the official btwb judging team in order to verify performances. Once performances have been verified, participants will receive an Earned Shirt for one of the challenge levels below.

  • Level 1: Completing the scaled version of the workout
  • Level 2: Completing the Rx'd version of the workout
  • Level 3: Requires participants to complete the workout Rx'd within a certain time cap that is challenging but realistic for many people.  
  • Level 4: Participants must complete the workout Rx'd in a very competitive time cap that would place them around the top 10% in the world. 

The Earned Shirt

The Earned Shirt will contain unique elements matching one of the 4 levels listed above.

The Grace Challenge

The Grace Challenge was the first Earned Series challenge by btwb. It ran from July 9-13, 2021. More details on the challenge here.

Deads & Dubs 

The Deads & Dubs challenge was the 2nd Earned Series challenge. It ran from August 20-24, 2021. More details on the challenge here.

The Fran Challenge

The Fran challenge was the 3rd Earned Series challenge. It ran from October 15-19, 2021. More details on the challenge here.

The Inspiration

The idea for the Earned Series was born from the desire to celebrate the efforts of every day athletes from all around the world. Gyms and garages in every country are filled with real people with busy, hectic lives, pushing themselves every day to get better. Somehow those people manage to make fitness a priority, and their dedication is what inspired us to create the Earned Series. 

Every person is at a different stage of their fitness journey, none more important than the other, which is why we've established 4 different levels for each Earned Series challenge. All participants' workout results will fall into one of the levels. 

Each level should be celebrated in its own right, and that's exactly what we're going to do. Keep in mind, performing a benchmark/popular workout as Rx'd is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT all by itself. In fact, doing so places those individuals in the top 10% of the ENTIRE WORLD population when it comes to fitness. 

ALL challenge results will be judged and verified, and will determine the Earned Shirt participants receive. Why film the workout? First, filming your workout allows us to validate your effort. This makes it possible to provide a trustworthy, fully verified leaderboard (first of its kind). Also, we want participants to own their score, take pride in their results, and ultimately wear their unique Earned Shirt proudly. While there is a leaderboard and comparing scores is part of the fun, ultimately the Earned Series is a You vs You challenge commemorating an important milestone in your Fitness Journey. 

Give Back To Your Gym

Some of the best places are independently owned gyms. We love their unique character and cultures. These are places where we set personal records and escape to when we need to de-stress. Our mission has always been to make technology for these communities and we are excited to say we are taking another big step. Part of of the proceeds from earned shirt purchases in each of our Earned Series challenges will go back to YOUR gym. Gyms interested in participating can read more about our Fitness Communities service here.