There are many ways gyms can take advantage of the Squads feature. For more specific details about the Squads feature, be sure to view the Squads FAQ section here. This article is all about the ways gyms can leverage the Squads feature to keep their members engaged.

Start Posting To The Gym Squad Daily

Get members in the habit of viewing and engaging with the Squad by creating a daily post. The post can be about anything. Gym owners can make an announcement, provide pointers on the day's workouts, or post a link to a nutrition article they find valuable. This should draw attention to the gym Squad, which will then drive engagement by members within the Squad. Before you know it, members will be creating their own posts driving conversations about things they deem important.  

Create Custom Squads

Each gym will have a default Squad. Any member added to the btwb gym, will be automatically added to the gym's Squad. However, gym owners and admins can also create more private, custom Squads as a way to foster community with smaller, more specific groups of members. 

By Class

Create Squads based on class times. For example, create a 5am Squad and invite the 5am class regulars to join it, plus the coach responsible for leading the class. Any members you invite to the 5am Squad will still belong to the broader gym Squad, but this will give that specific class time access to a digital ecosystem that they can use to interact with each other beyond the limits of the physical class. 

By Program

Create Squads based on specific program offerings. Examples include a Competitors Squad, an Olympic Lifting Club Squad, or a Nutrition Program Squad. Like the Squads By Class option above, these are great for creating spaces exclusive to groups of people following specific gym programs.