btwb pricing is as follows:

For Individuals

Individuals have two options when creating an account, a monthly subscription for $7.99 or a yearly subscription for $87. Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions come with a free 30-day trial. The yearly subscription will save the user $8.88 over the course of the year versus paying monthly.

For Gyms

Claiming a gym starts a free one-month trial with unlimited members, programming, and logging.  This is perfect for jump-starting your gym's members and getting to take things for a test-drive before committing to payment.

Gyms pay a flat monthly fee depending on how many members they want to be able to add to their gym on btwb post-free trial. For example, the $80 plan lets a gym add up to 50 members to their gym to use btwbb with their own personal accounts. In order to add beyond 50 members, a gym must upgrade their current subscription plan to the next tier plan. 

If a gym doesn't want to pay for its members using a subscription plan, they don't have to. The Member Pays option will switch payment responsibility to the members. Each member of the gym will be required to set up either a monthly or yearly individual subscription.