If you are unable to log your workout, here is a cheat sheet on how to log for specific score type. We have a couple of examples of template work-arounds at the bottom of the page.

Score = Time

Any workout that is scored by time. 

Score = Completion

Any workout that requires you to finish a designated amount of work in a given time frame before starting the next time frame. Usually this is an EMOM that has a number of movements to complete every interval, or an EMOM that alternates each minute between movements. The goal is to simply make it through the EMOM. 

Score = Rounds

Any workout that is scored by rounds. These are workouts that repeat the same rep scheme over and over. For example, 5-10-15, or 15-15-15 for a set amount of time. These ARE NOT increasing rep scheme workouts (such as workouts where you add 1 rep each round until time is up- those are Score = Reps). 

Score = Rounds & Reps

This is a very specific kind of workout.  This will only work for a workouts where your score is both rounds completed and the reps you completed each round.  The best known example is the benchmark Nicole (20 min AMRAP of 400m run and max pull-ups). Users will enter both rounds and reps each round. You won’t find these very often. 

Score = Reps

Any workout that is scored by reps and only reps. The most common iterations of these are: 

  • “AMRAPs” with max reps in remaining time

  • “AMRAPs” with ascending ladders

*Both require workarounds utilizing the AMReps template. Both have time components. 

A special note about Rounds For Max Reps. This one is if the workout DOES NOT include a time component such as the benchmark workout “Lynne”. 

Score = Load

Classic lifting session. HOWEVER, each movement has to have the same number of sets, otherwise you have to plan each workout separately. 

Examples of workouts you will not be able to log for:


10 deadlifts
10 pull-ups
max unbroken push-ups

**You will need to choose to log this by either Reps or Time and write in the notes the other score.**


30 snatches for time - Every minute on the minute 4 box jump overs

**You will need to choose to log for either the For Time or EMOM and write in the notes to other score**