First, click on the Plan link in the header of the site, then select the date you wish to plan for. You can do this by clicking on the Date link or by clicking on the actual day in the week-long calendar. Remember that you can Plan as far in the future as you'd like.

Next, select the track you wish to plan for. If you aren't an Admin, you'll only be able to Plan for yourself.

Then, choose the workout you'd like to Plan. 

For this you'll have two options: "Find a Workout" or "Build a Workout". "Find" will allow you to search through our list of existing workouts on the site. You can also sort them by the most recent workouts you've planned as well as the most popular workouts on the site. "Build" allows you to put together a unique workout not yet added to the site. If you happen to create a workout that already exists, the site will simply pull the existing one up for you and have you use that one.

Once you've found the workout, select what kind of workout you want to assign it as. Your options will be "pre", "main", or "post" workout.  This way you can designate which elements are warmups, cash-outs, or the main WOD.

Finally, add any extra instructions for the workout. You and your members will see these instructions on their Whiteboard calendars with the workout. 

*Please make sure when adding a video to your planned workout, you MUST add a title. Otherwise your video will not show.

Complete the process by clicking the "Plan Workout" button. The workout should now appear up above on your Plan calendar for that day.

Remember, a Planned workout will appear on you and your members' Whiteboard calendars for the specified day.

Check out this step by step video on Planning: