btwb users can interact with each other in many different ways. We'll cover each below. 

  • Activity Feeds
  • Emojis
  • Comments
  • Follow
  • Direct Messaging
  • Squads

Activity Feeds

Activity Feeds are reverse chronological listing of activity for various groups of people that auto-populate as users log scores to workouts on btwb. 

Use the Activity Feeds icon in the bottom menu to gain access.

Users will have several different Activity Feed options available to them.

  • Follow – a list of workouts results from people you follow
  • Gym – a list of workout results from people in the same gym as you
  • Coaching – a list of workout results from people subscribed to the same Coaching program as you
  • World – a list of workout results from people throughout the world
  • Me – a list of your personal workout results

Feeds are reverse chronological and live. Scroll through to get a summary of who did what and how they did, then interact with emojis and comments. Click on the chat bubble icon to leave a comment, or use the heart icon to give out an emoji. Unlock up to 10 different emojis at various different workout session milestones. The more results you log, the faster you'll unlock the emojis. 


One of the Activity Feed tabs is Follow. The Follow tab will display workout activity specifically from btwb users you follow. That Follow tab will remain empty until you follow your first user.

When you have unread feed posts in your Follow tab, a red dot will appear over the Activity Feed icon in the menu footer. 

Direct Messaging

Send 1-on-1 and group messages with the Direct Messages feature. Use the DM icon in the footer menu to gain access. A red dot will indicate unread messages. 


Squads are private groups on btwb that allow members to create posts and interact with other posts via emojis and comments. By default, each gym has a squad. The same goes for a Coaching Program. You can access a Squad via the Squads icon in the footer of the mobile app. Learn more about Squads via the Squads FAQ section