The Badges screen houses all of the earned badges for each user. The screen contains 4 different tabs that help organize users' earned badges. 


The Recent tab shows users their recently earned badges in a reverse chronological order feed (newest to oldest). Each entry will show the date of the newest badge earned and the score.

In addition, each of the levels for the specific badge will be displayed from left to right with the badge earned by the most recent effort enlarged. Directly beneath each badge is the name of the badge level, and the threshold. Unearned badges will be greyed out. 


The Best tab is a collection of the top badges earned for each of the workouts, lifts, gymnastics maxes, and intervals. It's organized by highest level badges to lowest level badges. All earned Legends badges will appear at the top of the screen, while all earned Prodigy badges will appear near the bottom. 

Workouts/efforts without any earned badges will appear greyed out at the bottom of the screen. 

Click into any of the badges to visit the Badges Detail screen. The detail screen will give users insights into the specific thresholds for each level, the total badges earned at each level, the top workout result attributed to the user's highest earned badge level, and a recent list workout results that earned one of the badges.


The Volume tab keeps track accumulated reps, time, and distances for various movement groups over the course of an entire fitness journey. Movement groups are listed in order from highest level to lowest level. New levels are obtained by meeting new rep, time, and distance milestones for each group. 

Each movement group is updated automatically when newly logged workout results include movements from any of the groups. Reps, time, and distances earned towards a movement group are shown on the workout session screen (in green) immediately following logging a new workout result. 


The Challenges tab is a collection of special badges earned by participating in btwb Challenges. This tab operates in the same way the Best tab does. Badges will be ordered by highest to lowest level. It will also remain empty until a challenge badge is earned. 

New challenges can be found on the Challenges screen. It can be accessed via the Find A Challenge button within the Challenges tab, or from the side drawer menu.