Tempus is currently in the beta phase. All btwb users can opt into the Tempus beta in order to start using the feature. 

Accessing Tempus Beta

First you'll need to opt into the Tempus beta. Follow the steps below to get started. 

1. Click into the side menu on the app home screen.

2. Click on the "Add-Ons" menu item from the side menu. 

3. Toggle the Tempus Beta option ON

4. You'll know you're in the Tempus beta because you'll start to see the Tempus icon located next to programmed workouts on your home screen calendar. 

When in the Tempus beta you'll have access to all Tempus features currently available. You can opt out any time by toggle Tempus beta off from the "Add-Ons" section in your side menu. See steps 2 & 3 above.