First, you'll need two things: 

1) a MindBody account (don't have one yet? set up a demo with a MindBody team member here)

2) a subscription holder account for a btwb gym (don't have one yet? click here)

Once those have been established, the integration can be set up from the Admin Console. Click on the MINDBODY item from the menu on the left side of the page. 

Next, click on the "Setup" sub-menu. The page contains a simple 3-step process for implementing the member sync integration. 

Step 1: Authorize Integration

Tell MINDBODY to give btwb permission to integrate with your account. You’ll need your MINDBODY Studio ID for this step.

Step 2: Configure MBO Programs

Import/update your MBO Program list. After the import you can select which Programs should include a BTWB Subscription. 

Step 3: Sync/Resync MBO Members

Sync/resync your MBO members to existing BTWB members, or send out invitations for members to create BTWB accounts.