A track is a unique line of programming intended for a specific group of individuals. In addition to the generic programming you have at your box, you might also have a strength, competitor, or beginner program. You can make each of these a separate track at your gym. Simply add members to those tracks, switch the "selected track" to whichever one you wish to Plan for, then "find" or "build" a workout for them. It's that simple.

Why use Tracks?

If you have multiple sets of programming at your gym Tracks is an easy way to keep the programming organized and to disseminate the programming information to the members of your gym. Each track will have it's own set of Filters. This will allow you to manage the strengths and weaknesses of each track. Also, only the members of a given track will see the workout you've Planned for that track on their Whiteboard calendars. This can be extremely helpful when not wanting certain members to be sidetracked or confused by what other members are doing.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N4Nw9cE830&feature=youtu.be

Personal Tracks

Every member has a personal track that you can also plan for. See "How Do I Plan For An Individual" for more details.