The Admin Console side menu provides navigation to each of the Admin Console screens and features. The side menu is broken up into 3 different sections:

  • Members
  • Admin
  • Integrations

Each menu item contains a sub-menu with various screen options. 


The Members section of the side menu houses the pages and features dedicated to analyzing individuals.  

  • Activity - view leaderboards for programmed workouts
  • Participation - access to engagement, attendance, and Committed Club & MIA member lists
  • Performance - access to PR Boards, Fitness Levels, and Lifts & Intervals member lists
  • Body Comp - access to gym and individual weigh-in and target history


The Admin section of the side menu is home to each of the pages and features that allow for administration of the btwb gym. 

  • Membership - manage, add, and remove members to/from a btwb gym
  • Planning - program workouts to gym tracks
  • Settings - customize gym info, privacy, and programming delivery preferences 
  • Extra - provides access to other valuable btwb features and services like WOD Concierge, website integrations, and WODscreen. 


Information on the various integrations currently available through btwb. 

  • MindBody - set up the MindBody/btwb integration for simple fast btwb gym administration (more info here)