If you permanently closed the Plan help modal, don't worry! You can revisit the information from that modal here at any time. These steps will teach you the basics of the new Plan page. 

1. Select Your Track
Use the menu on the left side of the screen to select from available organizations (Programs, Gyms, You), then toggle on/off tracks associated with that org. Selected tracks will appear on your calendar.

2. Select Your View
Use the view menu at the top of the calendar to switch between Month, Week, and Day views. Each view provides more/less details about planned programming. Use the view that works best for you.

3. Plan A Workout
Add new workouts to your programming tracks. Build custom workouts manually using our classic templates, or save time with our new AI Planning tool.

4. Find A Workout

Use the “Find Workouts” tab on the right side of the screen to search for existing workouts on btwb, including workouts from CrossFit.com and btwb’s Varied Not Random program. 

5. Add Notes To A Workout

Add Extra Instructions, Coaches Notes and videos to programmed workouts to provide extra context and information to users.

6. Re-order Workouts

Use drag & drop to quickly re-order workouts on your calendar. This feature works in all calendar views (Month, Week, Day), but becomes disabled in Month view if more than 1 track is selected.

7. Edit A Track Event
Click on a programmed track event, then again on the “Edit” option from the menu that appears. Changes can be small (adjusting date, notes, and/or track association) or as big as editing the actual workout itself.

8. Create Variant/Plan Again
Quickly create new variants of programmed workouts, or make exact duplicates for future days. Click on a programmed track event, then again on “Create Variant” or “Plan Again” from the menu that appears.

9. Delete A Workout

Permanently delete workouts from tracks. Click on a programmed track event, then again on the “Delete” option from the menu that appears.

10. Review The FAQ

If you have any additional questions about new Plan, click on the FAQ icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the FAQ list.