After a gym's 30-day free trial expires, the Admin Console "Dashboard" becomes the default home screen. Gym admins can also navigate back to the Dashboard at any time via the "Dashboard" link located at the very top of the side navigation menu. 

The Dashboard itself brings together valuable information gym admins might be interested. Dashboard items include: 

  • PR Board
  • Committed Club
  • MIA 
  • Most Engaged
  • Member Activity

It's important to note that each of the Dashboard items are dependent on gym members logging scores to the btwb app. The Dashboard will start off empty for all new btwb gyms. It will begin to populate with data the more gym members log scores to workouts. 

Dashboard Themes

Gym admins will notice several different themes on the Dashboard and the 

  • "More" Buttons: Click on these to drill down to even more detail for each of the Dashboard items
  • Hyperlinked Member Names: Click on these to visit an individual member's Admin Console profile screen (more on this here)
  • Action Item Icons: Use these to perform various actions in the Admin Console including copying email addresses and sending an email. 

Dashboard Items

PR Board

The PR Board displays all newly set personal records in the current month. Shown will be the member's name, as well as the workout the new PR is coming from. The table is auto-updated with each newly recognized PR.

The "More" button reveals a full PR Board for the current month with even more information about the performance. Admins may also scroll back to previous month's PR Boards. 

Committed Club

The Committed Club section displays gym members with 12+ days with logged scores. The Dashboard item gives a summary of the year so far. Shown will be the month, the total number of members that made Committed Club, and the top member for that month. 

The "More" button reveals a full member list for each month, in addition to a "Most Committed" list for the year. Most Committed lists out members with the most months on a Committed Club list, plus the total number of logged workout days for the year. 


Also known as "Missing In Action", the MIA board displays recently inactive members. Inactive is defined as no workout posts in 6 or more days.  If this Dashboard item is empty, great! It means members are logging results frequently and consistently. 

The "More" button reveals a full member list for currently inactive members. The "Last Workout Post" column displays the number of days it's been since the last btwb logged score, and the "Action" columns allow gym admins to reach out to members via email, or remove them from the btwb gym altogether. 

Gym admins will also have access to a "Most Inconsistent" list. This list organizes members by the number of times they've appeared on the "Currently Missing" list. The idea here is to display members that tend to stop logging scores frequently.   

Most Engaged

Most Engaged displays members with the most Emojis and Comments given during the current week. 

The "More" button reveals a full member list for the selected start/end dates. The dates default to the current month, but they can be changed at any time. Included in the expanded table is also Emojis Received and Comments Received columns. Gym admins may sort the table by any column, but the Total column will act as the default sort option. Gym admins can also filter the table by gender and/or Coaches. Coaches are simply all gym admins.  

Member Activity

The Member Activity section of the Dashboard is meant to give admins a sense of the activity for the btwb gym. It tracks member posts, comments, and emojis on both a daily and weekly basis. Gym admins can view the current (solid line) count for each, and compare it to the prior (dotted line) count for the previous time period.