CrossFit btwb offers several Coaching Programs that provide affiliate-specific programming. Often times these programs contain comprehensive daily sessions that include warm-ups, skill pieces, strength work, metcons, AND cool-downs. Because the environment at each affiliate is different, gyms may want to only utilize some of the programming, rather than all of it. As a subscriber to the program, gyms will gain access to the complete coaching program track. However, there are a couple of ways gyms can set things up so that they only use the parts of the programming they’re interested in. 

After subscribing to an affiliate Coaching Program, gyms will be granted access to the Coaching Program affiliate track. Settings for the new track can be adjusted via the gym’s Tracks page. You can get to the Tracks page via the Admin Console


You’ll find the new Coaching Program track among your existing gym tracks. To manage your Tracks you need to go to "Manage Tracks" on the top right hand corner of your Tracks Calendar. From this point you have 2 different options: 

  1. Make the new track a default track
  2. Add the Coaching program workouts to your main gym track

Make the New Track a Default Track

CrossFit btwb allows gym admins to designate tracks as “default”. A default track is a track all new members to your CrossFit btwb gym will automatically gain access to. For example, any time a member connects to your gym on btwb via either an invite link or a member code, all default track workouts will instantly appear on that new members' calendar. Gym admins can set as many default tracks as they want. All new gym members will follow each automatically. 

When using this route, changes to the programming will need to be made directly to the Coaching program track via the Plan page. You can move workout pieces around or you can delete them altogether. Simply click on a workout piece from the calendar and choose the appropriate action.

*Note: you can’t edit an existing workout. If, instead, you’d like to change an existing workout, you’ll need to first delete it, then make a brand new one. 

Transfer Coaching Program Workouts to Main Gym Track

With this route, you can skip making the new Coaching program track a default track. Instead you’ll leave it “Closed” and with 0 followers. If you are a follower, you can simply remove yourself via the Manage Members link from the Tracks page. 

Gym admins will work with the track directly from the Plan page. Instead of giving the track to gym members via the default track option, gym admins will manually move the workout pieces from the new Coaching program over to their main gym track. This is accomplished via the Plan Again feature. Simply click on a planned workout from the calendar for the new Coaching program, and click the Plan Again button. 

Then switch the Track to your main gym track. Adjust the date if desired, then click the Plan Workout button. The workout will be copied over to the main gym track, but it will also remain on the Coaching program track. 

Gym admins may prefer this option because it gives them better control over what members see. Typically with Coaching programs, an entire week's worth of workouts are shown at one time. Moving the programming to your gym's main track allows you to control exactly what members see and when they see it. For example, you can either show the whole week's programming, or only show the next day's at a specific time (ie, 9PM the night before). The gym's set Preferences will apply.