btwb is for individuals and gyms alike. Your gym does not have to start utilizing btwb before you can. Simply sign up here

If you don't belong to an affiliate:

Join the "Varied Not Random" gym. Varied Not Random is btwb's default public gym; anyone can join it at any time. Feel free to follow the WODs, the free btwb Varied Not Random programming track, or any of the other free programming we offer from your Tracks page. You can also build and log results for your own workouts. 

If you go to a gym that doesn't use btwb:

You can still join that gym on btwb and compare results and interact with other people at your gym. btwb contains a list of all affiliated gyms. Search for your gym during the sign-up process to join it. If you are not an affiliate, you can still create your gym and start planning your workouts. Encourage other gym members to join your gym on btwb, too! 

If your affiliate owner decides he/she wants to take over the gym on btwb, they can follow these steps to officially "claim" the gym.