btwb's add-on programs are specialized, finite (20-30 sessions) programs created by expert coaches in our community to help btwb members improve specific skills. Each program is included with a standard btwb subscription at no additional cost. 

Programs can be accessed via the "Programs" section from the menu off the home screen of the mobile app (Note: this can only happen from the app, not the web).

Current programs include: 

  • First Strict Pull-up
  • First Kipping Pull-up
  • First Kipping Bar Muscle-up
  • First Strict Ring Muscle-up
  • First Toes-to-bar
  • First Push-up
  • First Strict Ring Dip
  • First Strict Handstand Push-up
  • Handstand Walk 5 ft
  • Clean 1RM
  • Jerk 1RM
  • Snatch 1RM
  • Deadlift Capacity
  • Shoulder Press Capacity
  • Back Squat Capacity
  • Bench Press Capacity

Adding a Program to your personal track is easy!

  1. Click on the Programs section from the home screen
  2. Click on "more" for any of the programs
  3. Customize your program settings (start date, days of the week)
  4. Click "Add Program"

The program, in its entirety, is added to your personal track immediately. The first session will appear on the Start Date you selected. Perform the workouts as they appear in your calendar and track your progress by logging scores!