To Analyze your athletes' Macros progress, you need to launch your Admin Console. To do this you can either enter "" in the URL bar or go to and launch the Admin Console from your drop down. Check out this LINK on how the Admin Console works.

Once you are in the Admin console you'll be able to find your members in two ways. You can select "Members" from the right side of the screen followed by "Manage" and then find your member from the list. Alternatively, you can go to the magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner and search for your athlete.

Once you are on your athletes' page, you'll want to select the "Macros" tab. This will bring you to the analysis breakdown.

Macronutrient Breakdown

This graph will give you a break down of any selected day. You will be able to view if your athlete has hit their goal macro numbers, exceeded their target, or if they have a deficit remaining for the day. 


You will be able to check in to see exactly what your athlete is eating. For example, if you see your athlete's carbohydrate count is looking high, you'll be able to see what meal(s) this surplus seems to come from, giving you insight to help them make adjustments in their diet.

Calorie Compliance

Finally, the graph below will give you a weekly view of their Calories and if they have hit their goals or not. There is a +/- 100 calorie window set, anything within that range constitutes a successful goal target hit.