You can now import your old workout data from SugarWOD! It's simple and easy. Follow the steps below to make sure all of your old data gets imported into the btwb app properly. 

1. Download/export your workout history csv file from SugarWOD. 

2. Make sure the SugarWOD csv file is named "workouts.csv" and attach it to an email. 

3. Send that email to and include "SugarWOD" in the subject. 

Await an email response from btwb confirming or denying the data import. If the data import is denied, it's likely a problem occurred with points 2 and 3 above. Double check that the file name, email address, and email subject meet the necessary requirements. 

If the import is successful, you can find all of your newly imported data inside of the btwb mobile app!