Tempus isn't available for all workout types just yet. You can currently use Tempus for the following workout types:

  • Timed workouts
    • Rounds For Time
    • RFT: Same Varying Reps (ex. 21-15-9)
    • RFT: Independent Varying Reps
    • For Time
  • AMRAP workouts

We started with these workout types because they cover the vast majority of the workouts people are doing. 

*Note: if any of the above workout types have built in "rest", Tempus will not work. 

You'll know Tempus doesn't support a workout because you'll get the "Match Timer Not Available" pop-up modal after clicking on a timer icon.

Coming Soon

The next set of workout types we're looking to support are the following:

  • Timed workout with built in rest

           Ex. 3 RFT of:

                   15 Deadlifts

                   15 Pull-ups

                   Run 400m

                   Rest 2 min

  • AMRAPs with built in rest

           Ex. 10 Min AMRAP of:

                   5 Pull-ups

                   10 Push-ups

                   15 Air Squats

                   Rest 15 secs

  • Single Movement Weightlifting Sets 

            Ex. Back Squat 5x5