In addition to offering programming for the Individual, the Coaching feature will also include Gym programming. Many gym owners/managers do not have the time to program for their clients daily/weekly. That’s where Coaching comes in. Selecting a Gym coaching program will auto-plan workouts to each of a gym’s users, allowing an owner/manager time to focus on other aspects of the business.

*Currently gym programming:

ICON Athlete - by Chris Spealler


The Ben Smith BluePrint 

TRAIN with Julie Foucher 

The Maddox Method with Neal Maddox 

Squat Mafia by Emily Bridgers

Warmup and Workout with Pat Barber 

CrossFit Linchpin with Pat Sherwood

The Forte Method by Rob Forte

The Training Plan by Jami Tikkanen

HyperFit by Doug Chapman

RAW Strength and Conditioning by Bobby Dee

The NCR Program by Paul Tremblay

The Bailey Program by Dan Bailey