Gym admins can view individual member profiles via the Admin Console. Currently, an admin console profile can be accessed two different ways. 


Use the search box in the Admin Console header to find a gym member. Names will auto-complete as admins begin to type in the box.

Member Names

Click on a hyper linked name anywhere you see one. For example, each of the Dashboard items contains a list of members names. Click on any of those to visit a member profile. 

Profile Page Details

The actual member profile pages contain information about each user and their btwb activity. Use the profile to view recent posts, macros activity (if logging meals), and body composition progress (if logging weigh-ins). 

Individual Member Actions

Admins can perform a number of actions for each member using the various action icons located beneath the member's profile image. 

From left to right, the action icons are as follows: 

  • Plan Workout: program workouts to individual members' private tracks (1-on-1 coaching)
  • Plan Weigh-in: program weigh-ins on days you want individual members to log a new weigh-in
  • Log Weigh-in: log a weigh-in for an individual member 
  • Set Macros Target: set custom macronutrient targets individuals can access via the Macros feature of the btwb app
  • Email User: send an email to the user

Individual Member Analysis

The Admin Console profile also pulls in data and features from the btwb app. Gym admins can view Training Days, Fitness Level, and Imbalances for each user.