btwb users will earn Badges for reaching performance thresholds on various popular workouts, lifts, gymnastics maxes, and running/rowing intervals. Each badge associated with a particular workout/effort has 4 different levels: Prodigy, Elite, Phenom, Legend. Thresholds for each level are unique to the workout/effort and have been preset by btwb. 

As an example, users will earn the various levels of the Fran badge by meeting the following thresholds: 

  • Prodigy - log any score  
  • Elite - log an Rx'd score 
  • Phenom - log a sub-7 min score (men), sub-8 min score (women)
  • Legend - log a sub-3 min score (men & women)

As user's progress along their fitness journey they'll find themselves aiming for, and earning, higher levels for each of the available badges. Users can view each available badge, plus the unique thresholds for each level, via their Badges screen. 

Access the Badges screen via the Badges count at the top of the home screen.