The filters allow you to take complete control of your programming. They were designed to give you insight into your previous 6 months of planned workouts. Filters allows you to answer questions like: "Have I been biasing any one duration or workout type" or "How long has it been since I planned a couplet?"

To use the filters, simply click on one of them as they appear beneath the "Find" and "Build" tabs on the Plan page.

What do each of the filters mean?

Benchmarks: Will tell you how long it's been since you've Planned a workout from each of the categories. A list of the workouts that belong to each category can be found in the "Benchmark" section of your profile page

Type: Will give you a breakdown of the post types you most often Plan for your gym.

WODs: Will allow you to search for workouts you've planned at your gym in the past, main site workouts, workouts from competitions that we've added, and workouts that you've favorited along the way.

Characteristics: Will show you a breakdown of the finer details that make up each of your workouts, as well as the last time you planned a workout containing that characteristic.

Fitness Level: Will give you all 8 fitness level categories. You will be able to select workouts from these categories to boost your fitness level and/or your fitness level confidence.

Movements: Will show you the last 6 months of movements Planned at your gym. Highlight over a movement and click on the "eye" icon that appears. A list of workouts containing that movement will appear at the bottom of the filter.

You may apply as many filters as you wish to a search. Click on the appropriate filter bubbles then on the "save changes" button. A list of workouts meeting that criteria should appear. Below is an example of the filters set to finding a "chipper" that contains a "heavy" load.

The filters are unique to the selected track.

Characteristics filter example: 

Click here for a video step-by-step breakdown.