On the Benchmarks page we compile all of your personal records for each of the iconic/popular WODs, as well as heavy lifts and popular monostructural pieces.


From the Home Screen, select your profile picture to open up your profile page

Select the Benchmark tab under activity and you will find a list of your benchmark categories. Select one of the categories and log a new WOD result or check out a previous result.


Perhaps the coolest part of the profile page is the "Benchmarks" section. It is located on the left-hand side of the page. The sections included are:

- Girls

- Barbell Lifts

- Heroes

- Endurance

- Gymnastics

- Notables

Each section is automatically updated, which means you don't have to do anything. If you post a result for one of the sections, and it happens to be a PR, that workout will be updated with your new time in whichever section it belongs. We'll also record the date you set the PR.

Note: The Barbell Lifts section only contains the main barbell movements. It doesn't include any dumbbell versions of movements, or any barbell complexes. The Girls and Heroes section only contains workouts listed via the CrossFit.com FAQ section.

(link to https://www.crossfit.com/cf/faq)