What is a ghost?

With Tempus, you can add what we're calling "Ghosts" to a match. Ghosts are replays from other users that have also completed the same workout using Tempus. Any time a btwb user completes a workout using Tempus, their "Ghost" is saved for future use. 

Why use a ghost?

Not only can Ghosts make your match more fun, they can also add extra motivation to help you push harder 


No one likes working out alone. Now you don't have to! Add a ghost (or two or three) to your match to race against other btwb users' replays. 


Need an extra push? Pick a ghost whose score is right around where you want to finish. Keep an eye on the leaderboard during your match to see if you are keeping pace with the ghost(s). 

How do I add a ghost? 

After creating a match, you can use the "Add A Ghost" link located in the Participants section of your match lobby.

You'll have 3 different tabs to choose from. 

  • My Previous Scores = your old ghosts
  • Public Scores = other btwb users' ghosts
  • Featured = special ghosts we make available for specific workouts

Click on the green ghost icon to add the ghost to your match.

How do I remove a ghost?

You can remove a ghost from your match one of two ways. 

Edit Ghosts

Click on the "Edit Ghosts" link from the Add A Ghost slide-up. 

Then click on the "X" icon to remove the ghost. Click "Done" when finished. 


You can also find your added ghosts in any of the ghost tabs. Click the red ghost icon to remove the ghost from your match. 

How long before a ghost is available to use? 

A ghost becomes available for use ~10 minutes after a the match is complete (everyone in the match is finished). 

Ghosts in action

During a Tempus match, a ghost acts the same way a normal user would. 

Ghosts will be visible in the participants list prior to the match. 



Ghosts will appear on the leaderboard with the normal users. Ghosts will have the ghost icon under their name (phone) or overlaid on top of their profile image (watch).