Varied Not Random is btwb's free gym programming. Interested gyms should reach out to to All gain access to each of the VNR tracks. Once added, the tracks can be found on a gym's tracks page. 

VNR Tracks

VNR programming comes with 6 different tracks. 

  • Fitness WODs - classic GPP workouts that require access to basic workout equipment (jump rope, pull-up bar, rings, barbell, etc.)
  • Performance WODs - a scaled up version of the Fitness workout that includes advanced versions of movements (muscle-ups, GHD sit-ups, etc.), plus heavier barbell loads
  • Elements WODs - a scaled down version of the Fitness workout that includes less complex versions of movements (ring rows, step-ups, etc.), plus lighter barbell loads
  • Dumbbell Only WODs - a dumbbell version of the Fitness workout. Only a single set of dumbbells is required. No other equipment is needed
  • No Equipment WODs - a full-on body weight version of the Fitness workout. No equipment necessary
  • *VNR Prep - a track that contains access to a Lesson Plan for the day's workout as well as a recommended warm-up plus a Guided Warm-up video

Using The VNR Tracks

Each VNR track is hidden by default for new gyms. Gyms will have to adjust the track settings based on how they'd like to use them. There are two main ways to use the VNR programming tracks. More info here

VNR Philosophy

Classic GPP Programming. Balanced and Effective. Simple and Elegant. Broad and Inclusive. Varied Not Random.

The philosophy behind VNR programming comes from our desire to help people get a solid workout in regardless of equipment availability. This also makes working out at the gym, from home, on the road, or while on vacation easy. 

Because each workout is created from the same Fitness workout baseline, all gym members will receive a similar stimulus each day. In other words, members following the Fitness workout are going to be left with similar post-WOD sensations as those performing the No Equipment workout.

VNR workouts are programmed with a varying schedule in mind. The programming stimulus, style, and modalities systematically rotate each week to ensure the broadest possible fitness over time. That means long days won’t always appear on Mondays, heavy days aren’t just a Tuesday thing, and a specific movement like a Deadlift will never be isolated on Wednesdays each week. 

VNR does not contain scheduled rest days. We provide programming seven days a week. Because training schedules differ, and given the systematic rotation of our programming, the decision about when to take rest days is left to our followers. Specific rest schedules will not impair an individual's fitness progress. As noted above, we’ve seen to it that all schedule types will benefit from the VNR offering as long as weekly consistency is top priority.

Why Use VNR?

VNR programming is directly integrated with btwb's top analysis features, which will help gym members get the absolute most from the app.

Repeat Workouts

VNR programming repeats workouts often. This gives gym members a chance to regularly revisit previously performed workouts to continuously monitor progress over time. Previous scores are automatically pulled into a user's calendar for easy access when repeat workouts are programmed. 

Fitness Level

VNR programming includes multiple Fitness Level workouts each month. The Fitness Level feature is designed to give gym members a fitness rating between 1-100. Before members can view their rating, they must unlock each of the 8 Fitness Level categories. By regularly incorporating Fitness Level workouts, VNR programming gives members plenty of opportunities to not only unlock their personal Fitness Levels, but to also keep them unlocked in order to monitor progress over time.   


VNR programming also makes it easy for gym members to keep their Imbalances feature up to date. The Imbalances feature helps gym members identify potential weaknesses in specific fitness categories.