The btwb mobile app offers up 2 daily "Lifestyle" questions: "How did you eat yesterday?" and "How did you feel yesterday?". The Lifestyle Questions answer options are “Good” and “Bad”. This leaves you with some flexibility for how you want to utilize the questions. We provide some guidance for each when clicking on the “What is Good?” link, but “Good” can mean different things to different people. Use the questions as you see fit.

Users can earn dots for Nutrition Days and Feel Good Days progress bars by answering the daily lifestyle question on the home screen. The progress bars update with every “Good” answer. *You can turn the questions off (which will also remove the corresponding progress bars) via the Lifestyle Questions Visibility settings options.


You can also view Nutrition Days and Feel Good Days full year calendars. Just click on the progress bar from the Home Screen. You'll be taken to a bird's eye view of the entire year. Blue is for Nutrition Days. Red is for Feel Good Days. 


Lifestyle is done a little differently via the web. The Lifestyle Log appears on the left hand side of your Whiteboard page, beneath the calendar. It helps you keep track of all of the supplemental details of your day that have significant impact on your daily workout performance. Record your lifestyle choices by selecting the answer that best applies for each topic. Points are awarded based on the answers selected.

As you accumulate points throughout the week, we'll compare your score with the top 75 percent of people at your gym also answering the Lifestyle questions, as well as the top 75 percent of people on the site.

You'll be answering questions for the previous day. You can also go back in time and record answers for previous days. Use the arrows to go back and forth between days. A red icon means no questions have been answered for that specific day. A green icon means at least one question has been answered.

The points will reset weekly, giving you a fresh start for good decision-making.

You can view your lifetime Lifestyle Log stats by clicking on "View Report" at the top of the log. The goal is to gather information on important aspects of your life that may be effecting your workouts.