Below are important things to know about your Fitness Level rating. 

Fitness Level Workouts

You must perform specific workouts that belong to each of the 8 categories in order to add data points to those categories. Power Lifts, Olympic Lifts, Speed, and Endurance operate a little differently though from Bodyweight, Light, Heavy, and Long. 

Power Lifts, Olympic Lifts, Speed, Endurance

We automatically pull in users' best Power Lifts and Olympic Lifts from ANY lifting workout. Users DO NOT have to log to a specific lifting workout. It just needs to be a non-metcon workout (e.g. Back Squat 3RM, Black Squat 5-5-5, Back Squat 5-3-1, etc). We do the same for running and rowing distances for the Speed and Endurance categories. Scores for each of the distances can come from any non-metcon, interval based workout (e.g. 4 x 400m Runs, Run 400m TT, etc). 

Bodyweight, Light, Heavy, Long (Metcons)

Scores for these categories MUST come from specific workouts. Each category contains a giant list of workouts that belong to that category. It's simply a matter of logging a score for one of those workouts to add a new data point to the Fitness Level category. You can find a list of workouts for each FL category by clicking into the category, then again on "Browse" from the category screen. 

Modified vs Rx'd

Only Rx'd scores contribute to the Metcon categories (Bodyweight, Light, Heavy, Long). Modified results will NOT currently contribute data points to those categories. At this point, there is no acceptable method for comparing differently scaled workouts, but we are hard at work on a solution to standardize different scaled results and map them to a Fitness Level.

Expiring Data Points

We only consider your best score/time/lift over the last 12 months (1 year). We don’t look at your awesome Fran from 4 years ago, because it doesn’t tell us very much about what you are capable of currently. Conversely, if you are sick, having a bad day, taking it easy, etc., we will not hold that against you. Only your best score will be used. If you do not provide an updated data point before it expires, it will no longer count towards that category and your category may lock if it drops below the two-result minimum. 

Fitness Level Score Updates

A couple of points: 

1. Your Fitness Level updates instantaneously when you log a NEW result for the CURRENT day. In other words, if you go to the gym and do "Fran", then log it, your Fitness Level should update immediately after it saves. This could mean an adjusted Light category level, and thus an adjusted overall Fitness Level rating. It could also mean the Light category is now unlocked if the new result is the 2nd data point needed. 

2. The web site does a full Fitness Level Report re-run once a week. This re-run scans for any changes to older results that might have been entered wrong or just back-logged because someone forgot to post it the day they did it.

3. Back posting FL workouts will NOT update FL ratings or categories right away. In other words, if a user were to log a "Fran" score today to a date 4 weeks ago, no immediate changes would happen to that user's FL feature. The system will not pick up the backdated result until the weekly full re-run.