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Log a for time workout with "every minute perform ..."

I would like to see a template where you can log a For time or Rounds For Time type of workout where you have to perform an exercise every x minutes.

This is how a workout would look like:

For Time

150 Wallballs

Every 1:00 Complete: 1 Power Clean and Jerk, 80/60kg

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Any news or workaround on this?
Not that I know about I’m afraid

Do any questions on this forum get answered by BTWB?  

Do any of these questions / requests get turned into new or upcoming features?

Examples like "For Time: with a time cap" and "For Time: 2000m Row, EMOM 4 Burpees" are common CrossFit WODs, have been inquired about for years, but I don't see any answers here.  Am I missing something?

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@john I just moved to another platform. It's a shame because I'd logged a great amount of workouts on BTWB.

In the last 7 years my gym has switched platforms twice.  Zenplanner -> SugarWOD -> Wodify.   While they each have pros and cons and different aspects (all aspects of running a gym vs strictly logging WODs by users for history and comparison)  I have always separately planned and logged my WODs in both the gym's platform and BTWB.  Worked out well for me because I have almost all of my WOD history.  On top of that, I prefer BTWB for a number of reasons but it could be so much more.  At one point I wrote a document on my laptop with a running list of bugs, missing items, and feature requests from using BTWB.  I entered a couple of tickets a few years ago but didn't go any further because I didn't notice any response or activity.  I just wrote here once again because it's just hard for me to believe that a time cap on For Time WODs is still not implemented.  If BTWB has the interest to take input and continually update its capabilities  I am willing to start entering tickets.  I may be wrong, but it feels like this hasn't been a strong focus in the past unfortunately. 

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