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Logging dumbbells properly

Hi all, I've been using the app for a long while now and love it. One question that u haven't quite seen an answer for is the following. If I'm doing a dumbbell workout like a devil's press followed by lunges using two dumbbells of 35 pounds, how do I log the weight in btwb? When I log as 35 lbs, the power output seems too low compared to my other workouts. If it's a dual arm movement do I combine the weight and call it 70 lbs? Thanks!

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I currently ask myself the same question. Any idea @beyondthewhiteboard ?

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I`ve been asking this to, but no answer to date...

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I've taken a firm stance with this one. I log the combined weight moved in one rep. A Single-Arm KB Snatch at 53# is the same weight moved for a (two-handed) KB Swing at 53#. Therefore, I record a Devil Press with two 35# dumbbells as 70#.

Also, it would be nice if someone at BTWBHQ would go through the movement database and clean out some of those ridiculous options and edit grammar and spelling.

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Would love an answer here as well. If I look at 18.2(which I assume was entered by btwb) it would imply you should use 50 as opposed to 100 for that wod.

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Historically, you’d always log the weight of one dumbbell in your diary. However, I like Adam’s approach listed above which refers to total load. It seems more in-line with the power ratios Btwb capture. I have started doing this now (thanks Adam!)

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Ok - just to follow up, I queried Btwb support to clarify this - asking if a user should log total load or log a single dumbbell. 

Toni responded (on behalf of support) to say that only one dumbbell should be logged. 

To that end, I'll ensure I search specifically for single-arm exercises to log when using one dumbbell only.

Hope this helps. 

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That is correct IF the movement is set up properly, which I have found many to not be.  For example, I just logged a double kettlebell push press and if you look at the work done calculation, it is the weight of reps x the weight of the entered kettlebell.  So I did 84 reps at 16kg and it shows 1,344 where it should show double.  

This is one of my biggest complaints and it really goes back to what Adam said above.  They REALLY need to have someone go through and clean up the movements or at least review them before they are publicly available for use.  You never know what you're going to get when you select a double kettlebell/dumbbell movement and a lot of times you get 0 work done because apparently the movement isn't set up properly.

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