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Drag Drop

Something that I think would be invaluable; being able to drag and drop workouts:
a) within days (to easily switch the order you did them in)
b) between days (to move a rest day from one to the other for example)

Say for example, I follow Comptrain Open track. But I want to do Monday's workout on Tuesday.

The easiest thing to do would be to simply drag the Workout to a different day.

I suspect what this needs is for a Track to be auto-copied to your Personal Track each morning. Then you have the ability to Drag-Drop your Personal Track workouts as needed.


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This would be great; when planning workouts the first thing I tried to do is drag and drop some elements from other tracks into future days for myself. Even an option to "Duplicate Workout" and select a future date would be very helpful.

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I would love this as well. Specifically, my priority would be on the website, that's where I do most of my planning/scheduling. Lower priority (for me) would be the mobile app. 

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yes!! being able to drag and drop or move an element from one day to another simply by clicking on say mondays workout and moving it to wednesday for example. 

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