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Ascending Ladders

It would be nice if there was an easy way to create an Ascending ladder in something like an AMRAP.

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Agreed. Just logged a workout with 12 DB snatch and 1 to 10 ascending burpees and had to log it as For Time

Also agree, but for all workouts. We very often do EMOM workouts with increasing weight at my gym. I have no way to log this, really. The closest is "for time" and then keep track manually how much rest I had between sets. Not my fav.

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Thank you for all reaching out about this workout template request. We are currently looking into improving our templates as we know we have to add more. I have shared this with the team.


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Has there been any way of adding a ladder devised yet? Rich

I often do the for time log instead of the AMRAP and just put the time as the AMRAP time.  This is fine for me recording my gyms workout as they don't use BTWB, but these feature would be nice especially for those that want to 'plan' an workout like this!

Another option is to just choose the "AMReps" workout.  You would have to program all the things individually, but it can still be done and isn't so hard to do if you are using the copy function.  You just have to make sure there are more than anyone can do in the time.  Then put zero 'reps' for all the things you did not complete when logging.

(61 KB)

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The image you added is probably the best way around a ladder workout. Thanks for sharing Tyler.

I have shared this template request with the team. 


It has been two years now and the feature is not added to the website yet.

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