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Suggested Modification to Fitness Score

Big BTWB fan here, with a suggestion related to the fitness score

I believe the fitness score is not quite as accurate as it could be. Let me spell out the issue and a suggested solution

  • Scores for individual lifts, workouts, etc, are calculated by comparing them with other users who enter their results for that exact same workout. 
  • This makes sense--I want to know how I stack up against everyone else who entered the score for that workout

However, when that score is used to determine your fitness level, it is taking into account other users who may not have entered their scores for other categories that feed into the fitness score. 

  • Some users lean towards entering scores--or only doing specific workouts--related to their strengths, disregarding their weaknesses. 
  • The result is that the Fitness Level drops due to specialists who disregard other categories.

The Fitness level is meant to reflect your level of fitness across all other modalities/categories. 

  • It should not reflect your fitness as compared to specialists who only do one thing.

Solution: The Fitness Level should only be calculated based on scores from other users who also have a fitness level, not every single user who has ever entered their score for the workouts.

  • This would ensure that when the fitness level is calculated, it is not skewed by users who are essentially outliers in their particular category.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little speal about fitness levels! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you think I am totally off base.

Did BTWB catch up on that idea?

Thomas, I posted this comment 2 years ago and never heard a single thing
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