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Would love a developer API so that developers can create their own applications that integrate with the BTWB platform. E.g. allow developers to log workouts through the API or get various stats about themselves to produce their own analysis/create their own dashboards.

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Is there any news on this topic? I see our gym owner doing all the programming in BTWB and having to do it again in GOWOD so that athletes can just do pre- and post-WOD mobility. I think it would be a great starting point to allow the export of the programming via API for specialized apps such as BTWB and GOWOD. The all-in-one solutions are simply inferior and I see a lot of box owner wanting to have the best apps they need being integrated with one another.

Yes, it's a great system and there are MANY opportunities for integrations that would provide value for users, gyms, programmers, etc. I have an opportunity right now that I was hoping this would be available for.

Totally agree. The app is missing features like dark mode, and accessible text size. A developer API would open the door to other apps that might even become future BTWB acquisitions.
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