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Histogram charts for total work, workouts per week, days active per week

I have developed a quick way to export my workout data from the website with the export csv feature. I have been doing some charts to track my consistency in the gym over my time in crossfit while tracking with the BTWB tool.  I typically just look at a histogram with the bin size being one week.   I really helps show me when I have been low on gym attendance and slow on progress, some reassurance as to why...   On the flip side when I go overboard and my body starts feeling it, if the charts show that I am ramping up my work in the gym too quick it gives me reassurance that maybe I just need to dial it back a bit!

These are great tracking tools for me, thought they would be good suggestions as BTWB built-in tracking tools.

The most helpful are

-Histogram of volume using the "total work" data from each workout.  I use this to track how much work/volume I am doing per week. 

-Histogram of number of days with workouts per week.

-Histograms of total number of workouts per week.  Since I regularly record more than 1 workout in a day.

Someday I would like to do some data crunching on one of these metrics vs the calculated BTWB fitness level.  It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation.  Just haven't found the time yet.

(55.5 KB)
(59.9 KB)

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Please add this feature! Total work performed per day or week view. With this data it is easy to notice increase or decrease in programming intensity. So easy to do! And since the download workouts button is missing for most of us. We have no way to do it ourselves as Jared had done.

how did you export your data as I can't find an export button?

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