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Move personal track WODs

I would like to be able to change the days that my personal track workouts appear. I don't always get to the gym, or have enough time on a particular day to do my personal skills workout and I would like to move them around on days I actually attend. I was sick last week and missed a couple of days and now my personal track is behind/ahead by several days, making it very confusing to determine what to do next when I look in the app. If I could change the day I could simply reschedule it for this week. 

I figured out how to do this in the browser version. I was in the wrong version of the calendar. Would be nice to be able to drag and drop, though, rather than having to open each skill individually and change the date.

I  completely agree. You should be able to drag and drop or at least be able to select multiple workouts to move at once. I follow the Linchpin private track and there are numerous workouts/skills listed for each day so moving days around takes forever and you can easily lose track of what has and hasn't been moved. 

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