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Is there a way to log macros on the desktop version?  I can only find it on the app and I sit in front of a computer a lot of the day, would be easier to log in online and have it sync.

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Will the possibility to scan barcodes in other countries be added? Sweden calling ;-) 

+ 1 for this one.  App is fine and all but you'll never compete vs things like MyFitnessPal if you don't support this on desktop.

Please, please, please add to desktop!! 

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The phone is also so slow; a computer has a bit more horsepower and it's definitely got more screen space to make use of!

I agree!  Please add it to the desktop version of BTWB.  So much easier than getting on my phone throughout the day.  Thanks!

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I would also like to know if this feature is available - or if it will be in the near future? It would be very helpful to be able to access/log my macros on the desktop throughout the work day.

Thank you!


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