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Apple HealthKit Integration / Strava Integration

Integration with Apple HealthKit would allow btwb to pull weight, sleep and other data automatically without needing to manually log in multiple locations.

Integration with Strava (and/or Garmin) to import running, cycling and swimming workouts directly into btwb to avoid needing to manually input workouts.

Honestly, for a paid subscription fitness app, I expected these features to be included already.

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Is this really not a thing?! I just assumed that in 2022 any iOS health related app would have this. I had hoped for an Apple Watch version too so I could use it in the workout like WOD Insight but that I can live without. But no apple health data at all? Wtf?
They are apparently working on a live data sharing and Rep counting upgrade that seemed to be paired with apple watches. So I hope this will bring a apple health synch at the same time. Time will tell


Any updates on that?

Agree with others, would like integration with Garmin Connect and/or Strava for activity data!
Yes! We really need that. I track my macros on another app abs would love btwb to be able to upload this data from Health
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