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Copying a Workout

It would be nice if there was an ability to copy a workout and change it at the same time to put it back in the programming, There have been several times where I wanted to do a similar workout I had but make a few small changes. As far as I can tell you have to make the workouts from scratch or use the exact same one.

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Hey Andrew,

Thank you for reaching out with this request. We have spoke about having this ability with the plan again feature. We are hoping to look into this when we update the web.


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Any updates or timeline you can share?

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This would be really helpful.  I am now outsourcing programming to the Speal Program, and I plan the workout again under our tracks.  Many times, I’d like to change the Rx weights, or a movement due to a lack of equipment.  I can’t do that without building the workout from scratch.  That takes time, and that is the benefit of outsourcing, as a means of saving time.


Checking in on this as well. This is a much desired feature! We'd love to be able to tweak the programming we're using without having to reenter all of it!

Any chance of this happening and if so, is there a timeline?


can be copied and paste to another track? It's tiring to create a workout from 0

Is there some news?


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