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Hike, Ruck or Ruck March as an endurance option

I rarely do not run for multiple reasons... only short distances.  I do hike, ruck/ ruck march for my endurance training.  

Is there a way to add hike, ruck or ruck march to the endurance metrics or information instead of just running?  

With rucking become more and more popular as an option whether it for military operators, for GORUCK enthusiasts or people that hate running one or all of these options hike, ruck/ ruck march would help people out a ton.  


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Just following up to see if this can be added as an endurance option

I would also like to see weighted run/ruck as an endurance option. It's used frequently for military training and a good benchmark for fitness testing 

Hey Guys

Ruck and Ruck March are currently added to CrossFit BTWB. 

In order for a movement to work towards your workout level, there needs to be at least 100 RX'd logged results from both male and female users. This is the same wit fitness level but we need 1000 RX'd logged results from both male and female users.

- Toni

Walking is a monostructural event.  All they would need to do is add a add weight option.  I think they should do this for all monostructural events.  For example, running with a vest or kit.

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