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How do we download our workout history?

The pages I have seen say to click on 'Workout Posts'  and then click on 'export' but I cannot find the 'export' button. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

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Need this feature too. Saw it already in the past. What happend?

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Yes, where is the export button? I tried several browsers and it not longer appears above workout history.

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I had to email support requesting the file. It took a couple of days but they got it to me

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100% agree. This used to be possible.

Come on.... give us access to own data! ;-)

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They used to have this feature, there was an option to export to a csv file.  But they removed it 4 years ago or so.  

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How do I download my stored data (including workout data) which you a legally required to provide me under EU GDPR? 

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