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RemReps using distance instead of reps

We program many workouts like the following:

RemReps (5:00)

30 row calories

15 over-the-rower burpees

Max distance row

A RemReps program currently only allows Max Reps of a movement. I would love to see Max Distance as an option for such workouts. Currently, I'm using "Row" with "Max Reps" checked. Anyone else use a different workaround? I would assume that Max Reps Row does not count toward lifetime Row meters. 

In advance, thanks for your help!

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I have created a usable workaround for those interested:

1. Select distance movement.

2. Tick box "Reps" and select "Max Reps".

3. Tick box "Distance", select units, and enter "0".

When logging their result, the athlete will enter "1" for Max Reps score, then manually adjust "0" to distance reached in the workout.

If the athele does not reach the Max Distance interval, the score is already set to "0".

Thoughts or suggestions? I'm all ears.

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