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Macros quicker adding/ improvements

I like the idea of having macros in BTWB and the layout and everything look great, but it is so far much more time consuming to add macros in this app than in others I've used, especially when it comes to adding similar meals. A few things that seem to be slowing it down:

- Have an option to quickly search only foods I've previously used and add them that way, instead of having to either scroll through the recent foods or search the whole database or scan the barcode again—probably 90% of the food I eat is things I've entered before, and it would save time to be able to type a few letters and click or swipe to add it from a short list

- Pre-populate the amount for these often used foods with the amount last used, instead of having to click through another screen for each food to specify the amount when it will almost always be the same. I also almost always eat the same serving sizes for these foods I've already eaten

- Enable swipe adding and deleting for these foods: would make it especially easy to add a similar meal and delete the few things that are different, and easy to add the above

Not entirely related and I'm sure it's in the works, but it would be nice to have macros on the website eventually and not just the app, and there seem to be a some glitches with adding meals where a lot of extra foods end up being copied in with zero as the serving size.

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I meal prep/plan for the entire week. I pre-pack lunches/snacks for the week so I can grab a bag of food for the day on my way out the door. The following would be nice.

-Allow to post future meal plans (currently limited to 3 days out)

-Allow to duplicate an entire day of meal planning.

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Copying meals would be a great feature.

I second the use of macros on the website and not just on the app. I probably will not extend my 14 day trial due to this missing feature.

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It's really too bad that it's been 8 months since this topic was started. I've created several tickets with detailed input and the BTWB team has not given it much of a response. A timeline for improvements would be helpful. These little requests (same serving sizes for example) are *so* frustrating and time consuming to deal with!

The only reason I haven't yet gone back to MFP is just that in the past it's chewed my phone's battery life in the background but really it's just so much easier to use, with the copy meal (along with instant edit while I'm copying so I can exclude some items) and sharing with friends, integration with Apple Health, search in recent items, the ability to copy meals from literally whenever, plan meals ahead for literally forever - the list goes on.

... 8 months later, no response from the developers

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