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Sharing your personal track with your squad


Can the function be added to share your Personal Track with people in your squad?

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Wish this one would get answered. My wife and I workout in our garage, and I write our programming. It would be nice if she didn't have to enter each workout in everyday when I've already written it all out well ahead of time.

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Yes, this would be a nice feature.  Any update on this?

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I would also like information on this.  

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Any update?

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Yes, agree on that, it would be a great feature !

Thank you guys so much for reaching out regarding this.

I have shared this with the team and we will look into this. Right now, you can follow other members of btwb and view the workouts they post. We are looking into the ability to share your personal Track with a squad.

If you are looking to share with just your partner or any other members following the Main site gym, you can create a gym at no extra cost and follow the same Track.

If you need any help getting this set up, please email at


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