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Apple HealthKit Integration / Strava Integration

Integration with Apple HealthKit would allow btwb to pull weight, sleep and other data automatically without needing to manually log in multiple locations.

Integration with Strava (and/or Garmin) to import running, cycling and swimming workouts directly into btwb to avoid needing to manually input workouts.

Honestly, for a paid subscription fitness app, I expected these features to be included already.

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+1 from my side on this topic. I have an apple watch and now I'm also using the macro tracking from btwb just to have everything in one place. I'd not only love to see btwb reading health data but also writing (trainings and nutrition) back to health. Combined with heart rates from the watch that would give you awesome metrics. How's the progress on this topic?

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So, any news on this? Its been 2 yrs...

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+1 for another push on this topic. Health integration is a given with the vast majority of heath apps; btwb is a premium app it *should* be there. What’s the status on this?

I'll also +1 this.  It's pretty nuts that this hasn't been rolled out given how many years health integration has been on the table now.  IMO, Illustrates some rather...unfortunate...aspects of this team's app development focus (also given the total lack of communication from developers around this feature and the regular bumps that occur on this thread...).

Is there an update on when or if this might be built into a wearable device?

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