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Apple HealthKit Integration / Strava Integration

Integration with Apple HealthKit would allow btwb to pull weight, sleep and other data automatically without needing to manually log in multiple locations.

Integration with Strava (and/or Garmin) to import running, cycling and swimming workouts directly into btwb to avoid needing to manually input workouts.

Honestly, for a paid subscription fitness app, I expected these features to be included already.

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Seriously, how is this not a feature at this point in time? But after viewing the stack used to build btwb, it actually makes sense as to why Apple Health integration hasn't been developed yet. Time to get rid of the legacy code and rebuild/update the platform. 

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+1 here also. This would be a huge time saver and it would honestly drive me to use more features of the app. 

Is this really not a thing?! I just assumed that in 2022 any iOS health related app would have this. I had hoped for an Apple Watch version too so I could use it in the workout like WOD Insight but that I can live without. But no apple health data at all? Wtf?
They are apparently working on a live data sharing and Rep counting upgrade that seemed to be paired with apple watches. So I hope this will bring a apple health synch at the same time. Time will tell

It would also be nice to read the macro information and automatically add them to the app. I use an external app to log my macros and I will not do it twice in order to have it in btw... :(

I wonder how high this request is on the list.

Anyone here from btw team that could give us an update on that??

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Agree with others, would like integration with Garmin Connect and/or Strava for activity data!

Any updates on that?

Just wanted to add my voice to the requests for Apple HealthKit / Strava integration.  At a minimum, can you provide an update regarding progress towards these features?

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