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Apple HealthKit Integration / Strava Integration

Integration with Apple HealthKit would allow btwb to pull weight, sleep and other data automatically without needing to manually log in multiple locations.

Integration with Strava (and/or Garmin) to import running, cycling and swimming workouts directly into btwb to avoid needing to manually input workouts.

Honestly, for a paid subscription fitness app, I expected these features to be included already.

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+1 to this for many reasons. I think that connecting to Apple health would be a HUGE improvement for many reasons: 

  • Why take the time to tap the bubble for sleep when my garmin knows exactly how long I slept for?
  • Why use the BTWB macro tracking feature when MyFitnessPal has a much larger database, and shares macro info directly with Apple Health?
  • Why manually input non-crossfit activities like running when my garmin tracks + shares it automatically with Apple health?
But most of all – for users with a smart watch, why *wouldn't* you want to pull heart rate data for BTWB workouts? That would give you an awesome metric to track over time. 

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Hey Ben,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this feature. We have spoke about integrating other apps with CrossFit BTWB. I have shared this with the team for possible future builds.


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@toni smith - is anything happening with Health integration...?

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Seriously, how is this not a feature at this point in time? But after viewing the stack used to build btwb, it actually makes sense as to why Apple Health integration hasn't been developed yet. Time to get rid of the legacy code and rebuild/update the platform. 

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Was there any update on this?

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Was gonna comment on this somewhere else until I came across this thread.  All of the above I concur with.  I use Withings app and scale to measure weight, BMI, Bone Mass, Body Water, etc...  Lets of information sharing out there to ingest would make this great app even better and productive.  

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As a new member and owner of a new Apple Watch 4 I echo this thought. My Apple Watch analyzes my sleep and logs it, I log my weight in Apple Health everyday, I use Nike Run Club to plan and track my running. 

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Seriously, why has integration not happened yet? BTWB is practically anachronistic. Having so much manual entry at this point in time is a real pain.

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This would be a great addition. Lots of our members us smart watches or whoops to track that sleep etc. this needs to be easily integrated into BTWB otherwise most of its features will become obsolete.

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It's pretty surprising that this feature has not been updated into the app yet.  I hope the team has this on a pretty top priority list.  I know apple has made health kit integration about as easy as any app programing task there is on iOS (which is not to say it's all that easy, just no harder than anything else).

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It would also be nice to read the macro information and automatically add them to the app. I use an external app to log my macros and I will not do it twice in order to have it in btw... :(

I wonder how high this request is on the list.

Anyone here from btw team that could give us an update on that??

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+1 from my side on this topic. I have an apple watch and now I'm also using the macro tracking from btwb just to have everything in one place. I'd not only love to see btwb reading health data but also writing (trainings and nutrition) back to health. Combined with heart rates from the watch that would give you awesome metrics. How's the progress on this topic?

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Asked for Strava integration over 2 years ago....

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+1 for Apple Health integration. Would be awesome to have my workouts auto added to Apple Health and into my other heath tracking apps. 

Thanks! Hope this team is still actively working on this product! There is no better system for me 

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So, any news on this? Its been 2 yrs...

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