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EMOM - Multiple movements in each alternating interval, and with a max rep

1) Is there a way that we can program an emom with multiple movements per interval, with alternating each interval. ie. minute 1: 20 DU, 10 HSPU. Minute 2 20 AB cals, 15 Air squat.

2) is there a way to have an emom with the max rep feature? I.E EMOM 10 Mins. 5 C&J, Max rep wall balls?

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Here's an example I can't currently plan: Every 2min for 20min A) 8 T2B 8 Box Jump Over 8 KBS (70/53) 8/6 Cal Row B) 50 Double Unders 15 Wall Balls

Yes, I am looking for something similar!!

EMOM x 10 minutes

even - 30 seconds MR Handstand Pushups

odd - 30 seconds MR strict pullups

SAme here ! 

Another: Every 2min for 32min: (4 rounds of each) A) 10 KBS (70/53) 10 Box Jump Over 10 Cal Row/Bike B) 10 Pull Ups 15 Push Ups 20 Air Squat C) 50 Double Under 8 Double DB Devils Press (40/30) D) Rest

I figured out how to do the EMOM with MRs!!

Select An AMRAP with one or more max rep movements. Pick your time domain, enter the movements with time (mine was 30s on and 30s off), select Max Reps.

Then enter ROUNDS COMPLETED (in this case its 5 because its two movements, each is "1 minute long"). Then you can enter the reps per movement!!  Example below.

10:00 AMRAP: max rep Strict Handstand Push-ups, 30 secs Rest 30 secs max rep Butterfly Pull-ups, 30 secs Rest 30 secs

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