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Ability to program AMRAP repeats but with different movements

Is it possible to program an AMRAP repeat (AMRAP Intervals with rest in between) but change the movements for each cycle?  Right now it seems like you have to program each AMRAP separately since the movements aren't the same.

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Any answer on this yet?  CrossFit Mayhem posted another example and I can't log it.  Also need the ability to score each separately, but still as one workout.

10 minute AMRAP:

- 6 Power Cleans 155/105

- 9 Strict HSPU

- 12 T2B


10 minute AMRAP

- 3 Power Cleans 205/135

- 6 Strict HSPU

- 9 T2B

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I have the same issue.  Would like to add rest in between amraps and change amounts of reps.

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How do we make this happen?? 

It's possible, because it was done for the .com WOD on 5/26/23.

It doesn't make sense that we don't have access to ALL the available features/ WOD templates

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5 years later and still not an option yet a common programming format across competitions, training camps and programming tracks out there!

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