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2019 calendar view

Please update the yearly calendar view in training days. Currently still shows 2018 as the title and some of the workout days but its definitely not right.

The support from this 'official #1 greatest crossfit app' is subpar lately.  I don't know how many users you have but I am literally more active on the forums than any admin.

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My calendar is also stuck in 2018. Got workouts the first week of the year, after that nothing. Please update....
I’m having the same issue! Please update calendar to 2019!
Same issue. Still shows 2018 calendar and no 2019.

I'm having the same issues.  Several people at my gym are too.  Working fine for some.  

Submitted a ticket, awaiting a reply. 

Has anyone tried deleting and reinstalling the app?   Does the data re-sync or get lost?

Uninstalling should not lose data. There is now a 2019 calendar in the Android app.
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